Welcome To Essentially Birth At The Little Yoga House.


Essentially Birth Sessions last 60-75 minutes and cost £50.

During the session I will use massage and passive stretching and I will design an aromatherapy blend to best serve you. You will get a follow up email with stretches to do at home.

This massage is excellent for general relief of pregnancy discomforts and for improvement of low back and hip pain. 

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My Name Is Nicole


I love all things pregnancy and birth and I specialise in body work and movement for birth.


I help my clients have a healthy and active pregnancy so that they can look forward to giving birth to their babies with joy and anticipation. 

I have been an aromatherapist since 2001 and a midwife since 2005. Yoga informs all of my work with my pregnant clients (and my life in general 😊) and I am a Hatha Yoga Teacher, too. 

Essentially birth sessions are intimate and personalised aroma massage treatments combining pregnancy yoga with aromatherapy massage. This can address pregnancy aches and pains, support your baby’s positioning or it can be a special treat. You can book these as a one-off or as part of a holistic birth preparation package with one-to-one birth preparation classes. 

My birth preparation classes are available on three consecutive Wednesday evenings at The Little Yoga House. The sessions are customised to your big picture and often parents use them to get clarity around current evidence in relation to certain aspects of their care. I encourage you to invite your chosen birth partner along because these sessions are to set you up for communicating with your care providers as a team. There’s one slot per month, so if this is what you want, be quick! 

Follow this link to book your Essentially Birth Session or to reserve your one-to-one birth preparation slot.  

I offer various discounts and bonuses if you combine weekly massage sessions with your one-to-one birth preparation class and you can enroll for a package from as early as 12 weeks. If that’s something you are interested in, please contact me directly on 07793050574 to find out more. 

Please note: 
None of Nicole's services replace individual professional midwifery or medical care and advice. Nicole's courses and information sessions are designed to offer general information for interest only.  Nicole is acting as a pregnancy educator and not in the capacity of a midwife. Any of Nicole's services should only ever be used in conjunction with other reliable and trusted sources of information.