£85.00 GBP

90-Minute Session With Nicole Voucher

This is a popular choice for gifting a beloved pregnant friend or family member.

You will receive your voucher in your email (check your spam folder) together with a booking link. All you have to do is forward the email.

90-minute slots can be used for Massage and Stretch Sessions to address baby positioning such as a breech or transverse baby, to help you find strategies for a back to back baby or for Late Pregnancy Sessions when you have crossed the 40 week threshold. They can also be used as a super luxurious session at any point in pregnancy.

Every single session is tailored to you individually and Nicole's experience as an aromatherapist, fascia therapist, yoga teacher and a former registered midwife flows into how she will work with you.

Typical reasons women come to see Nicole for a 90-minute session:

  • Breech baby
  • Transverse baby
  • Back to back baby
  • 'Overdue'
  • Muscular pain, typically in hips, back or shoulders
  • Relaxation
  • To prepare the body for birth
  • To free the ribcage for deep breathing
  • Heartburn
  • For an empathetic listening ear

Vouchers are valid for six months from date of purchase.


None of Nicole's services replace individual professional midwifery or medical care and advice. Nicole's courses, information sessions and follow up emails are designed to offer general information on the topics you wish to explore. Your final decisions should be made by you and where you feel necessary in communication with your care providers. Nicole is acting as a pregnancy body worker and educator only. Any of Nicole's services should only ever be used in conjunction with other reliable and trusted sources of information.