£310.00 GBP

Anchor Massage Package

Book your pregnancy wellbeing package so you can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to giving birth to your baby.

What you'll get:

  • Three 60 minute pregnancy aromatherapy sessions worth £60 each- they can help with nausea, pain or stress and they provide you with deep relaxation. 
  • Two stretch and massage session - this is a 90 minute third trimester session designed to help you and your baby get ready for labour. Individual sessions cost £85 per session
  • One bottle of your personal blend to use as an anchor into deep relaxation in pregnancy and around the time of birth. Normal cost £15
  • As an Anchor client you get the option to book me for early labour massage at your home at an additional cost.

    Please note: 
None of Nicole's services replace individual professional midwifery or medical care and advice. Nicole's courses and information sessions are designed to offer general information for interest only.  Nicole is acting as a pregnancy educator and not in the capacity of a midwife. Any of Nicole's services should only ever be used in conjunction with other reliable and trusted sources of information. Nicole accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused, or thought to be caused, by making decisions based on the information in provided.