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I launched The Pregnant Vegan in August 2021 with my signature program The Ultimate Vegan Pregnancy

I am here to help you have a healthy and active vegan pregnancy and learn everything you need to know in order to give birth on your own terms.

For me, the decision to *be* Vegan is based on making compassionate food choices. 

My aim is to spread love and compassion one little vegan at a time.

I stopped eating meat 30 years ago, in my late teens, after watching a documentary about animal transport. This took me on the road to transitioning to a vegan lifestyle in the summer of 2019.

Having worked as a midwife in the National Health Service in the UK for almost two decades I know that nutrition advice is lacking in maternity care. Add a plant based diet to the mix and you are left with many questions and few answers.

I know, because I was pregnant too once! My daughter is an adult now, but I remember very well feeling insecure about my dietary choices. 

The Ultimate Vegan Pregnancy Program is my signature program. I created it to give you the tools to make truly autonomous decisions.

This decision making far exceeds your dietary choices. 

You will learn how modern maternity care observes your pregnancy and birth.

You will have the tools to tap into your intuition so that you can make decisions from a place of knowing your body and your baby.

How great would it feel to just know your baby's position without having to wait for your next appointment?

For my local clients I offer tailor made one-to-one packages with regular body work and online yoga sessions.



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