Hi, I'm Nicole  

I am the author of '7 Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know Before Giving Birth' and the creator of the R.O.A.D. To Birth Hypnobirth method. I help parents have a healthy, active and informed pregnancy so that you can feel confident and prepared for any kind of birth. 

How I Can Help You 

R.O.A.D. To Birth Hypnobirth classes

Program Goals:

    • Learn how labour works and learn about routine care so that you can be confident to chose what's right for you and your baby
    • Know how instrumental births and caesarean births work so that you are prepared for all scenarios.
    • Practice hypnobirth and mindset routines that will support you through pregnancy, birth and early parenting
    • Learn how to Recognise and release your fears, Overcome obstacles, Accept what you can't control and Do the work for a fulfilling birth experience regardless of how your baby is born
    • Give you all the support you require to implement this system effectively so that you are fully prepared to give birth to your baby
    • Generate a personalised birth plan so that you can look forward to confidently giving birth to your baby
    • Meet other parents
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Other Services

Book An Aromatherapy Or Baby Positioning Session At Lisburn Chiropractic or at The Little Yoga House

For my local clients I offer hands on pregnancy massage sessions every Monday at Lisburn Chiropractic and every Tuesday at The Little Yoga House Belfast.

I can help you manage common pregnancy symptoms and I can support you in helping your baby into a better birth position.

Sessions take around one hour.

Make A Booking

1-to-1 online coaching

Dive deep into YOUR vegan pregnancy with personalized guidance on any aspect of your pregnancy. You decide!

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Nicole Schlögel

Nicole is a midwife of 16 years who has helped hundreds of babies into the world and has served even more parents to be in their pregnancies.

Nicole runs an aromatherapy for pregnancy and baby positioning clinic and is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher. She still works as a midwife in the UK National Health System.



Please note: 
None of Nicole's services replace individual professional midwifery or medical care and advice. Nicole's courses and information sessions are designed to offer general information for interest only.  Nicole is acting as a pregnancy educator and not in the capacity of a midwife. Any of Nicole's services should only ever be used in conjunction with other reliable and trusted sources of information. Nicole accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused, or thought to be caused, by making decisions based on the information in provided.