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About me:

I was an NHS midwife for 18 years and I have helped hundreds of babies into the world and supported thousands of women in their pregnancies. I am an aromatherapist and I love its application in pregnancy and in holistic family care. I strongly believe that health is more than the absence of illness and I take a holistic health approach in my own life. 

 I have recently given up my registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council to step fully into holistic pregnancy care. Follow my weekly blog 'My conscious uncoupling from NHS midwifery', just click the button below.

 My offerings include pregnancy aromatherapy and massage sessions to help with hip pain or as part of your regular self-care. 

 Got a breech or transverse baby on board? Check out my Massage and Stretch Sessions. Those are also amazing for the end of pregnancy for comfort and to help you stay positive in your waiting for baby to arrive.

 My mission is to help parents have a healthy, active and informed pregnancy so that you can feel confident and prepared for any kind of birth. My regular clients have the option of hiring me for early labour massage support in their house. 

 I am the author of '7 Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know Before Giving Birth' and the creator of the R.O.A.D. To Birth Hypnobirth method. Enquire if you wish to add on one-to-one pregnancy coaching to your massage package.

Zoom Coaching Call

Dive deep into YOUR pregnancy. These sessions are tailored to what you need. If you are feeling pushed by your care providers into an intervention you don't want and you need some perspective on your options, book a call with me. I help you get clear on the benefits and disadvantages of each way forward so that you can make a plan that is right for you.

Or perhaps you have been told your baby is breech, back to back or lying sideways and you want to learn what you can do today in order to help your baby move.

You will a transcript of the call and a follow up email.

This costs £78

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Please note: 
None of Nicole's services replace individual professional midwifery or medical care and advice. Nicole's courses and information sessions are designed to offer general information for interest only.  Nicole is acting as a pregnancy educator and not in the capacity of a midwife. Any of Nicole's services should only ever be used in conjunction with other reliable and trusted sources of information. Nicole accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused, or thought to be caused, by making decisions based on the information in provided.