LoveLetter - This one is an Interlude

my journey of conscious uncoupling from nhs midwifery Jun 22, 2024
LoveLetter - This one is an interlude

Dearest Reader,

When I first set out to write this blog, my goal was to publish weekly for at least one year and we are approaching this landmark.

There's been so much support for this blog now and I get some amazing messages every week. Wheter you have made it into my inbox in the last weeks and months, been reading silently every week, or if this is the first time you are reading my blog, I thank you.

One of the questions that I get repeatedly from my readers is the question of whether I could make this blog available on audio.

Have you wished that I would or do you just like reading along?

By the way, did you know that I am co-creating a new movement based birth preparation workshop with the amazing Tara Thompson from The Little Yoga House? Our first workshop is next Saturday, June 29th and we have at least one space left, so hop on for a new look at birth.

You can book here.

I am also collaborating on an amazing offering on self directed pregnancy and birth and how to support it. You'll hear more about this offering very soon. Can't say too much about it just yet.

And...I will be at Happy Fest on July 7th in Crawfordsburn. I'll get to be one of the speakers there talking about family centred integral birth and what that might look like. You can get your tickets hereThere's a rebrand coming, too. I have a brand new logo and I'll be launching it at HappyFest.

Phew, you can see I've been busy. 

I am also just hours away from collecting my parents from the airport. They are visiting for a whole week and I look forward to taking a break with them. During that week I will be learning more about body work as well, I am taking part in a two day workshop (I know, not wise, June is just blowing my mind!).

So, to answer the question about the audio:

I am a one woman show and I have to prioritise my time. I run two busy pregnancy massage clinics and I run regular workshops. So I have to prioritise. Writing these blogs takes a great deal of time and I love it. It's my time to reflect. So, coming up with new material and recording it every week is not in the tank at the moment so I have decided that The Consciously Uncoupled Midwife is becoming a podcast. I will take all of my blogs from the last year and turn them into podcast episodes. I'll launch in late summer and I am planning on inviting some guests. So, if you would like to talk to me on air on a birth, life or midwifery topic or if you have recognised yourself in one of the episodes and would like to share your story, send me an email to [email protected].

To be first to get listening to my podcast in the autumn, keep opening these emails and look out for the announcement. 

I am excited, are you?

And so, for this week I am taking the liberty of using this platform for all of these exciting announcements and to Thank You for your support. I have been so happy and have felt so held by all of your generous messages, questions, challenges, agreement, disagreement, I am grateful for all of it.

Next week's blog will be all about cooking to Michelin Star standards...with a birthy twist of course. Cannot wait to share my thoughts on this. It's not quite ready yet and I want to give it the time it deserves.

Sending you so much love,



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